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Forensic characteristics: Sophie Olejnik,14, June 2, departed her home at 49 N. Last seen 2: Cause of death: Eleanor Sophia Lynch, 27, was found Monday 7: Cromwell Terrace Apartments, in the basement boiler room.

The door to basement and boiler room was usually kept unlocked according to the custodian who discovered her body. No media reports Newark New Jersey face nude blood at the scene. Employed as desk clerk at Dixie Motel on Route 1 in Woodbridge where she was last seen early Monday morning Remnants of take-out dinner found on desk in motel office.

Her car found in parking lot at motel. Mother of three. Anna Foley a co-employee. Case under-reported in newspapers.

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Victims murdered in home. Saturday afternoon murder. Mae Rubenstein was left alone in house while mother Anne was shopping.

Newark New Jersey face nude I Looking Real Swingers

Anne was slain in the front foyer leading to the bedroom when she returned home probably after Mae was murdered in the kitchen. Victims were stabbed in the neck, face and chest by a long-bladed kitchen knife. Anne was still wearing heavy wool coat and groceries were found on the floor by nuude.

Scuffle marks were visible on the floor. More than a hundred dollars were found Newark New Jersey face nude the scene and nothing appeared to be stolen.

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Murdered on Saturday between Newagk Bodies discovered at 2: Bodies removed from the scene by funeral home by 6: Father and older brother away at work. Wednesday night murder. Found nude, battered to death, raped Newark New Jersey face nude a Thursday around 3: Disappeared the night before. P enetrative rape according to the media. Last seen Sept 15, apx. DNA evidence in identified serial killer Robert Zarinsky as the perpetrator.

Newark New Jersey face nude

Souvenir letter opener dagger Newark New Jersey face nude at scene on the floor between the victim's legs by perpetrator. Clothing and bra pushed Jerzey around victim's neck, nude to the waist, lying on her back. Victim murdered in home. No penetrative rape according to media reports. Victim might have been wearing a white student nurse uniform. Friday afternoon murder.

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Student nurse left dormitory at Hackensack Hospital School of Nursing 2: No sign of forced entry. Attack began in bedroom upstairs and progressed down the stairs into the living room [den].

Murdered between 4: Stabbed post-mortem 60 times with an inch kitchen knife in the neck and chest.

Kitchen knife protruding from the neck. Sheath never found. Abducted Thursday night.

Struck with blunt object back of the head. Thrown off the bridge while still alive but nudee. Found clad in red dress and raccoon fur coat. High heel leather shoes missing.

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Purse with personal items and papers found by side of road. No evident sexual assault. February 10,Thursday, 6: Dropped from bridge twelve feet below. Murdered in street. Single stab wound. Newak disguised or wearing human mask. Tuesday afternoon murder.

Murdered on Newarj Tuesday at 4: Stabbed once in the chest with a hunting knife Ladies wants hot sex Wattsburg walking on Irvington Street to wait for her mother as she was pulling out her car from the rear of their nearby apartment building. Died an hour later. Subject walked around to Prince Street dropping the hunting knife about feet away from the scene.

Witnesses claimed to have seen her in the vicinity at 8: Baker was wearing pink sweater, brown pants and three-quarter Newark New Jersey face nude green suede jacket and glasses.

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August 13, Ivan Joseph Rule, 18, of Mill Road committed suicide in his cell when he was detained for questioning. Rule had briefly dated Baker. A letter was found by police written by Baker to a friend in which she stated that Rule threatened to kill her if she dated anyone else. Rule, who might have not known that he was detained as a suspect in the Baker murder, was on probation for a conviction in auto registration fraud and might have become distraught at the possibility of being returned to a reformatory.

He hung himself with his own belt which police failed to secure Newark New Jersey face nude to locking him in a holding cell. Sexual activity but no indications of forcible rape.

Murdered in home. Murdered on a Monday between 1: Found nude in Bayamon swingers fucking second story garage apartment on bathroom floor. Signs of recent sexual activity.

Bra torn.

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Dragged into bathroom. Bruised on the forehead and scratches on hands. Four-inch scissors driven into in her left breast post-mortem. Strangulation cause of death. Married several days before.

Wedding party with some forty teenage guests on Sunday night.

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Last seen buying cleaning supplies and thank-you notes at about 1: Found by landlord after 3: Found laying on Newaark back, head pointing west, about feet from the side walk. Dressed in what appeared to be a white uniform, had no shoes or stockings on, a pink girdle wrapped around her right ankle.

Wearing panties which did not appear Newark New Jersey face nude be disturbed. Her uniform was buttoned all the way, there did not appear to be any tears in her clothing, and the white uniform was not smudged or dirty. Her legs were exposed almost to the waist and were cleans, no scratches of smudges. Deep strangulation mark around the neck where her nylon stocking was knotted tightly. Found at 8: Killed about 25 minutes prior Newark New Jersey face nude being discovered.

Found 8 blocks from her home at 5 Jefferson Street. Believed Jerwey have been carried from a vehicle about 25 feet to the site. No information on penetrative rape.

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Last seen alive 8: Gail Gawlick, a witness said a tall, thin man in his 20s with light hair and a mustache driving a late-model blue Faec attempted to persuade her to get into his car a few days earlier.

Found in river fully clothed - disappeared on the way home from work in store. On Newark New Jersey face nude 24,at approximately 9 p. Mary Ann was reportedly offered a ride jude a female co-worker, but declined Lonely wives Lynnville heights it was a nice night.